That I can make a difference. 

That nothing happens for a reason; that I can undo wrongs and make people’s lives better than what I was given.

That people are good. That I can keep learning/evolving into a more whole person.


That I can keep giving better, that I can move forward bit by bit. That I am not simple.

Even when we think we “have no choice” , that thought is a choice.  It’s more than likely that it’s a difficult choice that we don’t want to make, but we have a choice to not make that choice.










Life is rough sometimes, but we don’t have to be. 

I am going through a lot right now and I wanted to get it out, out of my head, and either try to make sense of it or vent - that will depend on the day I guess - but really what I believe is that even in the shittiest of circumstances, there is an up side. Something to be learned, a take away. It is also a process before getting there, with frustration, anger and sadness in between, but if you can end up on the up side then none of it is a waste.